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@johnchansa, 4 years ago
ZMUSIC Portal is a site that aims to promote Zambian music, Artists and entertainment. ZMUSIC is a 100% Jamroom based site.Created in 2013 on a Jamroom 4 platform,the site has expanded and offers great features. Discover,listen and enjoy music from Zambia"The real Africa".

The Chocolate Life

@ning-to-jamroom, 4 years ago
I started on Ning back in mid-January 2008. At the time it was pretty much the only white-label game in town. My community grew pretty quickly and before I knew it I was stuck. Data lock-in and my members weren't even my own. With the announcement of Ning v3 and the forced migration off of v2 I...


@dijvega, 4 years ago
Latin Music promotion web site.

Dreadlocks Site

@ning-to-jamroom, 4 years ago
"For 5 years I had the only trusted site in the niche but as mobile traffic grew and with Ning's slow load times and even slower development and improvement, my site's traffic was dying fast. Jamroom not only gave me more power, speed, and flexibility, but some of the fastest development and...

Decorative Concrete Kingdom

@ning-to-jamroom, 4 years ago
"I have had a Premium Membership for a couple of years where contractors would pay for a "directory listing" that generated leads for them on the main domain of the site (my Ning site was a sub-domain of the other) BUT I've never had a way to offer different benefits to the social network side...

It's Scotland's Oil

@intro2music, 5 years ago
Blogging website. Only 2 days from install to launch. Although set up for a client, my services have been retained as an Administrator of the website. This is the first Jamroom site I've installed using the Softaculous 1-click install in the hosting cPanel. What a breeze!

Indie Gospel

@ken-rich, 5 years ago
We spread the Gospel through music, promote worthy charities, and provide free Christian resources.

Muzicieni Si Trupe

@ning-to-jamroom, 5 years ago
I want to say that you have done a great, wonderful job! I think there is nothing more a former ning user can wish / want from this and I am sure that is overcomes all expectations one can have, not in disregard of your great skills and proffesionalism but only because the other solutions...
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