Importing an Existing Jamroom site to a Domain

  • Make sure your existing Jamroom site is setup

    Make sure your existing Jamroom site is setup
    The first step in importing an existing Jamroom site to a domain on Jamroom Hosting is to make sure the
    - log in as a Master Admin on your existing Jamroom site

    - go to ACP -> Marketplace

    - search for the Hosting Transfer module and install it

    - once installed you will need the "Access Key" value that is shown to you in the Global Config for the Hosting Transfer module.
  • Start the import process on the domain

    Start the import process on the domain
    Now that you have setup the Hosting Transfer module on the remote Jamroom site, the next step is to start the import process from your Jamroom Hosting control panel:

    - Go to your Hosting Control panel here on

    - click on "Server Dashboard" for the server you want to import the site to.

    - click on "Domain Settings" for the DOMAIN you want to import the site to.

    - Click on "Import an Existing Jamroom 5 Site to this Domain".
  • Enter the FTP or SFTP credentials for the existing site

    Enter the FTP or SFTP credentials for the existing site
    Next, you will see the "Import a Jamroom Site" form - here you need to enter the FTP (or SFTP) credentials for your existing Jamroom site.

    Note - here you will need to enter the Access Key that was created for you when you installed the Hosting Transfer module on your existing Jamroom site.

    Once you have enter the information press the "Start Import" button, and your import will begin!
  • Be patient while the site is imported

    If the remote Jamroom site is a small site, and the server it is on is fast, the import may only take a few minutes. However - if you have a large site, the import could take many hours to complete.

    On the Domain settings screen you will see a counter that shows you how many files have been imported so far - this lets you know that the import is in progress.

    If after 24 hours your site is not imported OR the import appears to "stall" for more than 1 hour, let us know and we can help.
11 Mar 2015 06:52:23AM @researchcooperative:
On this page it might be good to add a link to instructions for creating a NEW Jamroom site on a Jamroom server, for people who are not importing an existing site.
11 Mar 2015 06:54:52AM @brian:
Jamroom is automatically installed for you when you create a new domain on your server:

With your initial server setup, a "*" domain was created for you which you can use as a testing site if you're not ready to setup a domain at this time.

Hope this helps!

29 Mar 2015 05:59:40AM @acl4551:
I have imported a site from Arvixe server. The domain name is
My domain is "" . Is my domain automatically imported on my Jamroom Hosting? If not how transfer this domain name ?

29 Mar 2015 06:14:32AM @paul:
First of all, goto and create a new Jamroom install on your server with the domain

Then follow the above instructions to import your Arvixe site to this new Jamroom site. When done, goto the next page of this document, Making the Primary or Secondary Domain Active, to switch to the primary domain,, point the domain's DNS to the Jamroom server, wait for that to propagate, then you should be good to go.

07 Apr 2015 02:03:55PM @covertlogic:
well crap i think i just imported into the temporary domain first without adding the actual domain. I should be ok though :) Will just need to change domain afterwards.
07 Apr 2015 02:32:34PM @brian:
It's super easy to import, so just add your new domain and run the import again - if you don't want to do that, create your new domain then open a ticket and we can manually move things over and get it setup for you.