Enabling Media Conversions for your domain

  • Enable the Cloud Modules in your Jamroom

    Enable the Cloud Modules in your Jamroom
    The first step to enabling Cloud Conversions for your Jamroom Hosting domain is to enable the Cloud modules that are installed in your Jamroom. By default, the cloud modules are disabled - enabling the Cloud modules is needed to give your Jamroom install access to the Media Conversion cluster.

    Log in to your Jamroom as the master admin, and go to ACP -> Cloud. The following 3 Cloud modules should be installed:

    1) Cloud Core
    2) Conversion Client
    3) Queue Client

    Click on the "info" tab for each, check the "Enabled" checkbox and save.
  • Configure the Queue Client

    Configure the Queue Client
    The next step is to configure the Queue Client to tell Jamroom that you want to use an external service for media conversions.

    Click on the "Queue Client" module under the Cloud section, and in the "Queue Server" tab, make sure:

    1) The "enabled" option is checked
    2) "http://master.jamroom.net" is the value for the Queue Server URL

    Save your changes.
  • Next, click on the "Send Entries to the Queue Server" tab and make sure the audio_conversions and video_conversions Queues are CHECKED.

    Note: If you do not see the audio_conversions or video_conversions options, it means you do not have the Audio and/or Video modules installed.

    Make sure the options are checked and save.