FoxyCart eCommerce - Setting up FoxyCart

  • Create your Free FoxyCart Account

    Create your Free FoxyCart Account
    The first step to getting setup on FoxyCart is to create your Free FoxyCart Account.

    FoxyCart is a full service cart and checkout system that integrates with dozens of different payment providers. This allows Jamroom to work with payment gateways all over the world using the same code base.

    It doesn't cost anything to get setup and integrated with FoxyCart:

    Its free to create an account and will remain free for as long as you are in testing mode. When you decide its time to take your site live, then payment for the service begins (via a FoxyCart subscription).
  • Create your FoxyCart Store

    After you have created your account and logged in, the next step is to configure your FoxyCart account so it will work correctly with Jamroom.

    There are several questions on the signup screen to help you get setup, but instead of outlining those details which are only accessible once, just skip through them using the default answers.

    Once you've moved through the "welcome" questions, you'll be viewing the FoxyCart Admin interface where you will configure your account as outlined below.
  • FoxyCart Admin "Settings" Section

    FoxyCart Admin "Settings" Section
    The first place you want to configure is the "Settings" section. Click on "Settings" under the STORE section in your FoxyCart admin - it should be at this URL:

    Set the following settings (make sure and use YOUR Jamroom site URL!). For settings that are NOT listed here, leave them set to their default value:

    Store Name: - Set this to the name of your site

    Store URL - this should be the URL to your Jamroom site (no trailing slash) - i.e. ""

    Receipt Continue URL - this should be the URL to the "return" view in your FoxyCart module - i.e. ""

    Logo URL - this is a URL to the LOGO you want to use on the checkout page - you can set this to any URL you want - we use the logo for the skin - i.e. ""

    Store Sub Domain - enter whatever sub domain you would like to use here (you can use whatever you want as long as FoxyCart allows you to save it)

    Store Version - it is recommended to set this to "2.0" for new stores

    From Email - set this to the same email address you have set in your Jamroom Email Support "From Email Address" Global Config.

    The rest of the settings on this page can be setup if you want (Shipping Location and Locale, Currency and Timezone) - Jamroom however does not use them.
  • FoxyCart Admin "Advanced" Section

    FoxyCart Admin "Advanced" Section
    Next, click on the "Advanced" link under the STORE menu - it should be at this URL:

    Set the following options - again, make sure you are using the URL yto your Jamroom site (the URLs shown here are examples so you can compare your settings to ours):

    Would you like to Enable your Store Datafeed? - this should be checked

    Datafeed URL - This should be the URL to the "webhook" FoxyCare module view on your Jamroom site - i.e. ""

    Wold you like to enabled Cart Validation? - checked

    Use CSRF checking on the Checkout? - checked

    Enable Single Sign On - checked

    Single Sign On URL - this is the URL to the "sso" FoxyCart module view on your Jamroom site - i.e. ""

    Customer Password hash Type: - set this to "phpass, portable mode"

    Customer Password hash Config: set to "12"

    Again - any other setting just leave set to the default, and save your changes.
  • FoxyCart Admin "Payments" Section

    FoxyCart Admin "Payments" Section
    Next, click on the "Payments" section under the STORE menu. This is where you decide what Payment Processor you want to receive money under (i.e. PayPal, Stripe, etc.).

    You must already have an account with your Payment Processor in order to configure this section! If you don't have a PayPal account, a Stripe account, etc. now is the time to get a new account setup with one of the supported "Payment Gateways":

    You information you need to enter here is going to change depending on which gateway you are using, so make sure and set it up correctly.

    If you have questions in this area you'll want to contact FoxyCart support for their assistance in setting this up. For the most part however it should be pretty straight forward to get this configured.

    Make sure and save your changes.
  • Configure your Jamroom FoxyCart module

    Configure your Jamroom FoxyCart module
    Next we're going to come back to YOUR Jamroom site, so open a new tab in your browser and get logged in to your Jamroom site as the master admin.

    Click on "ACP" to enter the Admin Control Panel. Click on the "Ecommerce" section in the module menu, and select the "FoxyCart eCommerce" module. Once clicked you will be viewing the Global Config for the module.

    Make sure and configure the following settings:

    API Key - your unique API Key is found in the FoxyCart admin in the "Advanced" section under the STORE menu. Go to your FoxyCart tab and copy and paste it into this setting.

    Store Sub Domain URL - this is the URL to your uique FoxyCart checkout page. Go back to the FoxyCart admin and click on the "Settings" section in the STORE menu. You will see the value you entered for "Store Sub Domain" - that needs to be entered here. For example, ours is:

    Yours will be different, but enter the ENTIRE URL here.

    Store Version - set this to "2.0" unless you know for sure you must use version 1.1 of the API.

    Store Sub Domain - enter JUST the sub domain part here - i.e. for our sub domain is just "the-jamroom-network".

    You can configure the other options here to suit your needs, or just ignore them for now and save your settings.

    You're all set now - your FoxyCart module is all setup. You can now configure the FoxyCart module as you would other modules (i.e. setup your Quotas, etc.)
  • Other FoxyCart admin pages

    When logged in to FoxyCart you probably noticed there are quite a number of other pages that can be configured and tweaked - feel free to check those out when you get a chance - most of them are related to "customizing" the check out experience for your users, with some areas being quite advanced.

    What we've outlined here are just the settings that Jamroom will use - you're free to customize your account more if you would like. If you have questions on what these extra settings are and how they are used, we recommend checking out the FoxyCart documentation:

    or contacting FoxyCart for help.
23 Dec 2016 12:09:13AM @researchcooperative:
Query re: Store Sub Domain - enter whatever sub domain you would like to use here (you can use whatever you want as long as FoxyCart allows you to save it)

1. Why would we want to add a subdomain here?

Answer - the subdomain is required for the settings described below.

2. Does this have to be an existing subdomain that has somehow been created at our own domain already, or does the act of entering a subdomain name here create the subdomain?

Answer - no, this is not a pre-existing subdomain. By adding a subdomain name here, and by using this name later in the settings on your own site, the subdomain will be created

23 Dec 2016 12:50:12AM @researchcooperative:
Paypal requires a "notification URL" in its set up for Instant notification, but where to find this URL, or how to create this URL, is not explained by Paypal or Foxycart. I will keep looking.
Paypal doesn't explain exactly how to set it up, Foxycart does, here:[]=instant%20payment%20notification

23 Dec 2016 01:49:52AM @michael:
Where are you seeing "Paypal requires a notification URL"?
23 Dec 2016 04:59:49AM @researchcooperative:
Where are you seeing "Paypal requires a notification URL"?[] =instant%20payment%20notification

23 Dec 2016 05:28:25AM @researchcooperative:
Where are you seeing "Paypal requires a notification URL"?[] =instant%20payment%20notification

Progress - I was following instructions at Foxycart for setting up the system to allow users to pay subscriptions with Paypal - a potentially useful thing for my site. The instructions took me in a loop that finally ended back on my Paypal page and the conclusion that I would need to upgrade my Paypal account to offer a subscription using Foxycart.

I will stop here, and go back to trying to get at least the most basic Foxycart functions working. As far as I can see, I have followed all the steps, but so far the shopping cart does not allow the logged in user to select an item for sale. There is no actual BUY button showing. Just a price and a cart for my trial "product"

OK... so the Foxycart store is not yet LIVE. On the Payments settings page, I have to start my Foxycart Subscription, but when I do that they want money, despite having a top page that advertises a free trial period until the site is actually functional.

I think at this stage I should cool off, then maybe use a private support ticket to sort this out.

Merry Christmas!

23 Dec 2016 12:16:47PM @michael:
These instructions are for connecting Jamroom to Foxycart. From there Foxycart may have its own sets of instructions for each of the different payment gateways they support.

Take a look at this video we made:
Jamroom 5 : Why Jamroom 5 uses FoxyCart

It attempts to explain the reasoning behind why jamroom uses foxycart.
You don't need to pay until your site is live. You should be using the free system and testing.