FoxyCart eCommerce

  • video overview of why Jamroom chose to use FoxyCart
  • The jrFoxyCart module is a shopping cart system for Jamroom. It uses's API to handle the integration with the payment processors.

    When this module is active in your Jamroom site you will be able to sell items, sell merchandise, sell subscriptions.

    It requires the purchase of at least the STANDARD plan which at the time of writing this is $15/month.

    Details here:

    Signup for a Free FoxyCart dev account
  • screenshot of the price button on some audio files
  • screenshot of the audio create/update form when jrFoxyCart is active
  • screenshot of the TOOLS tab in the ACP
  • The Flows of a purchase in Foxycart

    Foxycart can be setup to sell downloadable products to both logged in and logged out users.
  • Logged out making a purchase

    screencast of a user who is logged out purchasing an audio file via foxycart
  • Logged IN user making a purchase

    screencast of a user who is logged in purchasing an audio item.
  • Logged Out user (who has account) making a purchase

    screencast of a user purchasing a downloadable item when they are logged out but do have an account