FoxyCart eCommerce - Use Paypal Express for Subscriptions

  • FoxyCart and Paypal Express

    If your planning to use FoxyCart to sell subscriptions where the payment processor is Paypal express then there are a few steps to do to get the two talking to each other.

    Follow the instructions here:

    NOTE: These extra steps are only needed to get subscriptions working. Other purchases seemed to work ok.
  • Tried and true

    Here is a link to the forums for a howto that was posted by Dazed regarding setting up Paypal Subscriptions:

    Just wanted to post some steps to help everyone with PayPal setup in Foxy Cart. Once you click the PayPal box in the Payment Setup of FoxyCart and entered your paypal email address in, there are a few things you need to do on the PayPal side of the house.

    Log into PayPal
    Go to Profile
    My Selling Tools
    Go to Instant Payment Notifications and click Update
    You will need to enter in
    Enable Message Delivery
    Click Save

    Go back to the previous page
    For API Access, click update
    click Add or edit API permissions
    enter in
    click the button (this will load a bunch of check boxes)
    click every one except the Consolidate Accounts check box

    Good luck!
  • Here is a link to the starting page of the Foxycart documentation. Its a good place to start setting up paypal with foxy cart: