• Description

    A simple but amazingly powerful module. It allows any admin user to create a new module with a datastore. The newly created base module will just have a 'title' field.

    From there the Form Designer can be used to customise the new module into whatever the admin needs. eg. a classified ads module.

    Aparna is useful for site admins to create simple datastore items for their users without any knowledge of php and mysql.
  • Alternate Description

    Another name that could be used for aparana would be "jrModuleFactory" and instead of 'clone', label that button 'generate'.

    So aparana is a module that generates new modules that are setup to have a datastore and quota configuration.

    With the newly generated module you will be able to create new items that will be stored in their own datastore, but initially the only field that will be created is TITLE so in order to use it you need to add extra stuff via the "Form Designer".
  • Usage

    In the ACP click on Aparna's Tools tag, then the Clone button.

    After a new module is created, run the Integrity Check and it should then appear in the ACP Tools section.

    Enable the new module and optionally edit its category so that it shows where needed in the ACP.

    Enable and configure the module for its required quotas.
  • jrAparna and the Form Designer

    youtube screencast using jrAparna and the Form Designer
  • Using the Form Designer Tool

    A youtube screencast about using the Form Designer
  • Form Designer profile fields

    another screencast about using the Form Designer
  • How to order a list made by {jrCore_list}

    A screencast showing making a module with aparna, then using {jrCore_list} to change the order.
  • The forum link to the above video "How to order a list made by {jrCore_list}" is:
  • Handling sub-urls for modules created via Aprana

    screencast showing how to control the sub-urls of a module.

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