FoxyCart Bundles

  • What does it do?

    The jrFoxyCartBundle module allows items for sale via the jrFoxyCart module to be grouped together and sold at a different price.

    The prime example of this is individual song sales vs purchase of the whole album.

    Each song might be available for $0.99 per song, but if you buy the whole album you get 15 songs for $7.95.
  • screenshot of an audio file being added to a bundle.
  • This is not limited to songs either. You can use the FoxyCart Bundle functionality to package anything for sale together.

    When the module is active, the members selling items will see a new button on their items along with the usual 'update', 'delete', etc... which will allow them to create new bundles or add the item to existing bundles.

    A module developer could package a group of modules together in a pack. A skin designer could package skins together in a package.

    Anything that is for sale via the FoxyCart module can be packaged and sold as a bundle with the FoxyCart bundle module.
  • screenshot of the "Skin Pack" bundle being sold on a members profile
  • screenshot of how a list of bundles looks