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02/01/23 01:41:15PM
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Merge Skins

Design and Skin Customization

I have a question and how I would go about doing what my theory is. I had a previous post on using different parts of skins together.
Skin 1 ( main skin)
Skin 2 ( pages for site)
Skin 3 ( site player)
Now let say I rename .tpl files, folders, css, all to be A(skin 1), B ( skin 2) ,C ( Skin 3)
footer.tpl to footer.tpl , footers.css so on
Independently making so each skin functions on it own.
then Merge them so the files will not copy over the main skin files just adds to it.
Then just place tpl code that I want to use in the main site. so I can have custom header, footer from one skin and pages from another skin. I hope this make since.
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05/22/22 11:34:49PM
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How do I use Templets from one skin to another.

Jamroom Developers

I have been with jamroom for a long time but my coding skills have never been quite where they need to be. Is there a code that will make so I can use templets from one skin to another skin and sill use the css (look and feel) of the skin I have active? example I like the player in the bling skin and want to add it to the header of the audio skin. I like the audio pro skin but I and to have pages with all the features that are in the media for skin. IDK if that make since.
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