Jamroom - Self Hosted

Download Jamroom Open Source and use it for free on your own server.
Upgrade to Jamroom Premium or Professional and unlock premium network features.
VIP Support ensures you have a helping hand when needed.
Open Source Features   
Premium Features   
Purchase Individually
Community Forum   
VIP Ticket Support   
$29 / Month
30 Days Included
1 Year Included
Site Licenses   
Professional Installation   
$39 - Optional
$39 - Optional
Licensed Items
One-Time Payment
One-Time Payment
☆ VIP Ticket Support can be extended for $29 per month.
☆ Premium and Professional - additional site licenses can be added for as low as $36 per site.
Check out the Jamroom Licensing detail page for more info on Jamroom Licensing.

Community Support Forum

All Jamroom Users have full access to the Community Forum.

VIP Support and Jamroom Hosted subscribers have signature support for their forum posts.


VIP Ticket Support

Jamroom Professional includes 1 Year of VIP Ticket Support.

Jamroom Premium includes 30 days of VIP Ticket Support.

Open Source users can purchase VIP Ticket Support for $29 / Month.

Any user can extend VIP Ticket Support for $29 / Month.


Open Source Modules and Skins

All Jamroom Users have access to Open Source Modules and Skins.

Open Source modules and Skins are free and can be installed on any Jamroom site from the Marketplace.


Premium Modules and Skins

Jamroom Premium and Professional users can install all Premium modules and skins created by the Jamroom Network on sites they are licensed for.

Jamroom Open Source users can purchase Premium modules and skins individually using the Jamroom Marketplace.


Jamroom Licensing

Open Source modules and skins can be installed on as many sites as you would like.

Premium modules and skins are licensed on a per-site basis.

Jamroom Professional and Premium users can install unlimited Premium Features on licensed sites.


Jamroom Installation

The Professional Package includes Professional Installation Service.

Premium and Open Source packages can optionally purchase Professional Installation for $39.


Marketplace Updates

All users have access to Marketplace updates from directly within their Jamroom install.

Updates are always available for Open Source features - updates for Premium Features are only available on licensed sites.


Server Plan
2 GB
4 GB
8 GB
16 GB
SSD Disk Space   
40 GB
80 GB
160 GB
240 GB
Unlimited Transfer   
VIP Support   
Premium Features *   
Unlimited Sites
Unlimited Sites
Unlimited Sites
Unlimited Sites
Mailgun Emails
First 1,000 free
then $1 / 1000
First 1,000 free
then $1 / 1000
First 1,000 free
then $1 / 1000
First 1,000 free
then $1 / 1000
$39 / Month
$59 / Month
$79 / Month
$99 / Month
Larger Plans including custom multi server Jamroom Cloud installations are available. Contact us with your specific needs and we can help!

* Install as many different modules and skins (free and paid) on each site on your server as you would like - all sites must be on your Jamroom Hosting Server and using your Unique System ID, and are valid for as long as you are a subscriber. Note this only includes modules and skins in Projects developed by The Jamroom Network - it does not include paid skins and modules by 3rd party developers. If you have any questions let us know.

* Check out the Jamroom Licensing detail page for more info on Jamroom Licensing.

Server CPU (Processors)

This is the number of processors in the server

The higher the number of processors, the larger load the server can handle.


Server Memory (RAM)

The amount of memory (in Gigabytes) that the server has

The higher the amount of memory, the more simultaneous users can be on your site at one time.


Server SSD Disk Space

This is the amount of Disk Space (in Gigabytes) on the server.

All Jamroom Hosted servers use premium enterprise grade SSD (Solid State Disks) - these can be up to 100 times faster than older hard drives.


Unlimited Network Transfer

All Jamroom Servers have unlimited network transfer

The total amount of data that can be transferred from your server is only limited by the Server Network Bandwidth.


VIP Ticket Support

Jamroom Hosted Subscribers have access to dedicated 24 hour priority ticket support.


Premium Features

Jamroom Hosted Subscribers can install as many Premium modules and skins (created by the Jamroom Network) on their sites as they would like.


Try Jamroom Premium Free for 30 days

All Marketplace products are free for 30 days. These packages will help you get started quickly!

Social Media for Musicians and Fans

Social Media with Enhanced User Timeline

Build a Community around your Passion

Audio Sales for Musicians and Producers

Social Media for Video Pros and Fans

Fan site for Bands and Solo Artists

eCommerce and Merchandise community

Flexible enough to be anything you want

Premium Features

Jamroom has over 150 Open Source and Premium Modules and 22 Skins.
Premium licenses receive free updates on all modules and skins for the life of your registered site.
See the Jamroom Licensing detail page for more info on Jamroom Licensing.
Open Source