New Jamroom Module Releases

By: paul
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New Jamroom Module Releases

As you may know, Jamroom users can 'sponsor' the development of custom modules for their sites on the understanding that these modules, or variants of them, could be made available to all other Jamroom users. Over ther past couple of years this has resulted in quiet a few modules stacked up on the shelf that might well be useful to other Jamroom users. These are some of them, in no particular order -

  • Background Creator - Creates a site Background
  • Email Course - Users sign up to a course that is sent via email over a series of days
  • Landing Pages - Create unique landing pages based on keyword sections
  • Database Loader - Creates Users, Profiles and Profile Items for Load Testing
  • User Link - Automatically Links User Accounts to newly created profiles
  • Advanced Play Counts - Set minimum listen and view lengths for counting streamed audio and video plays
  • Audio Watermark - Upload an audio watermark file that is merged with uploaded profile audio files
  • User Import - Create User Accounts from imported email addresses
  • Flag Item - Allow users to flag items they consider unsuitable or inappropriate
  • Comment Delete - Adds a button to module item update forms that deletes all of that item's comments
  • Mail Batcher - Intercepts and compiles user emails and sends them periodically as a single email

These will now be released, maybe one a week (so as not to swamp us with support questions ;-) ), the first one being Audio Watermark - - Many thanks to user @dm for originally sponsoring this module.

Maybe let us know which ones would be most useful to you so that we can prioritise subsequent releases?



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Updated Hosting Plans plus Free Upgrades!

By: brian
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Updated Hosting Plans plus Free Upgrades!

For most of our Jamroom Hosted customers, the one thing they can never get enough of is disk space - with an active system it is really easy to eat up a ton of disk space with audio, video, images, etc.  Jamroom includes several tools to try to limit the amount of disk space used for items, but it's always a trade off between quality and space.

We're excited to announce that all Jamroom Hosted customer are getting free disk space upgrades on their servers - even the existing 12G server gets a free upgrade :) We're rolling out all new plans that incorporate the larger disk space.  For those of you on higher end plans, the disk space is going up A LOT - this allows you to grow for much longer on your existing Hosted plan as well as keep higher quality versions of many of your media items.

Here's the new Hosted Plans with their cost per month as well as Disk Space / CPU Count / RAM:

15G / 1 CPU / 1G RAM - $39 - current 12G users get free upgrade to 15G disk space
25G / 1 CPU / 1G RAM - $49 new plan
40G / 1 CPU / 2G RAM - $59 - current 24G users get free upgrade
80G / 2 CPU / 4G RAM - $69 - current 48G users get free upgrade
160G / 4 CPU / 8G RAM - $89 - current 96G users get free upgrade
320G / 6 CPU / 16G RAM - $149 - current 192G users get free upgrade
640G / 8 CPU / 32G RAM - $249 - current 384G users get free upgrade
1280G /16 CPU / 64G RAM - $499 - new plan

So for example - if you currently have a 192G plan you are getting a FREE upgrade to 320G Disk space - that's almost double!

Upgrading is easy - just open a ticket with us and we can take care of it for you.  Note that it will require some downtime for your server - your existing server data will be migrated to a new server that has the larger disk space. This usually only takes a few minutes on the small servers, but can take up to 30 minutes or so on the larger servers.  So let us know a good time you'd like it to be done at and we will do our best to accommodate the request.  If we don't hear from you within 30 days we will upgrade your server on your behalf.

You can find more details on all the new plans on our SSD Hosting Plans page:

We hope you enjoy the new plans and the free upgrades - if you have any feedback, comments or concerns please post in the comments below and we can help.


- The Jamroom Team

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Site Builder Uploaded Images get a new feature

By: michael
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Today a new feature was added to the Site Builder Uploaded Images widget, the ability to change the size and aspect ratio of the image you use.


The main purpose this was added was for users uploading images as full page headers.  The default setting for the uploaded image was to be set to 'xxlarge' which is 512px, but because the width of a page is usually wider than that the result would be grainy images that were less than ideal especially when the banner is the main theme for the page.

This new system allows a larger image size to be selected so a better quality image results.  Check out the BEFORE and AFTER images below.


The BEFORE image was blurry because it was a small image stretched into a large container.  The AFTER image is close to the correct size for the container so is much clearer.

A small new feature, but useful for anyone using the Upload Images widget for the Site Builder system.

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Upgrading to Jamroom 6.1 Videos have gone

By: michael
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Upgrading to Jamroom 6.1 Videos have gone

Was trying to locate the source of an issue that came in in the tickets and it took me a while, so putting the solution out there for the community in case anyone else runs into it.

The issue was that after upgrading to Jamrom 6.1 all the videos would not show up where they were expected to.  The video player playlist was just blank where there should have been videos.

The solution is to use a new tool in the videos module:



What has happened is that going from Jamroom 6 to 6.1 the default video format has changed.  Previously the default was .flv and the fallback was .mp4.  From Jamroom 6.1 this has reversed.  So to make sure there is a video file in the default format to be played this new tool was added.

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