Genosis Time Map

Genosis Time Map
Category:  Genosis
Version:  1.0.7
Size:  329KB
License:  MPL
Updated:  29 Mar 2017 06:45:57PM
Genosis Time Map  Genosis Time Map

The Genosis Time Map module adds an exciting new way to visualize and browse your ancestors by adding a world map where you can view the birth events of ancestors in your tree. By moving the "time slider" you can visualize the movement of births, letting you see how your ancestors migrated over time.

16 Dec 2014 04:48:40AM @melih:
This is great! I love Genosis!
16 Dec 2014 08:03:47AM @brian:
Thanks @Melih - glad you like this!
26 Nov 2015 05:38:54AM @melih:
There are only 2 lines needs to be translated on this module. "view profile" (in include.php) and "Filter by Last Name(s) (comma separated)" (in map.tpl). Maybe you can transfer these lines to language file in the future releases ;)
22 Dec 2015 06:19:34AM @researchcooperative:
Dear Brian,

First - thanks for all the Christmas presents that keep coming from jamroom...

Second. Could genosis and your geneology project be used to record academic genealogies - i.e. students, their teachers, co-students, co-teachers, their teacher's teachers, and so on? Such a kith-ship record could be historically and personally valuable, though not following the simple geneological dichotomies of most family kinship records.

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