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By: paul
Posted in: Modules

I've just put a new free module in the Marketplace - 'Annika'.

Its basically a 'live wall' module whose content is updated every few seconds (configurable).

I started this module several months ago and have been using the early version of it on my long standing Jamroom site at both on the homepage and on profile pages just showing latest timeline entries, but with recent interest on the forums here for a module like this I decided it was time to take another look at it and make it useful for all Jamroom folk.

Whereas my original version was just for timelines/activities, I realised that the module could could be a lot simpler to code, and to use, if it was made more general purpose and be able to show dynamic content of any Jamroom listing - latest members/songs/videos etc., or comments/likes/ratings, or combinations of items (using the Seamless module). All listings are template controlled so the options and what you can list is up to you. A few sample templates are included with the module to get you started, or to use as are!!

Note that to use this module, some (simple) template modifications are needed - it doesn't work 'out of the box' as most other Jamroom modules do, so for this reason we do classify it as an 'advanced' Jamroom module, but don't let this frighten any new users who want this feature, its a very straightforward addition to a template to get this working, and could even help 'very new' users understand the Jamroom template system. I've added simple instructions as a comment on Annika in the Marketplace - - so check that out, then look at the sample templates that come with the module and you all should quickly get the hang of it. If not, post any questions on the forum.

And before anyone asks, Aparna is the name of my first grand-daughter, and the second, Annika, was born last year so I thought it was about time she had a module named after her as well ;-)




Zachary Moonshine
06/30/15 03:23:27PM @zachary-moonshine:
This is awesome news here man !!!!!!
07/23/15 08:46:46AM @talk2me:
thanks Paul.