How is Proxima Used?

  • The best way to explain how Proxima is used is with an example:

    Imagine you have created a new mobile game that you are going to be distributing to the Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) app stores. You've spent months (or years) perfecting your game, and now you are ready to release your creation to the world. However, there are still some steps remaining you need to take care of:

    1) You want to allow your game users to create a user account where they can log in and have their high scores saved.

    2) You want to store the user's saved games to the "cloud" so they can pick it up on any other device.

    3) You want to create a web site where fans of your game can come together and share tips and tricks, as well as offer support.

    4) You want to create a website to help show off (and sell) your new game.

    All of this would require you to setup your own website, program your own "backend" (to store the user account information, high scores and save games). After months of hard work, this could easily feel like an insurmountable obstacle (or at least one you don't want to deal with) right when you are ready to launch.

    This is where Proxima helps. In just a matter of minutes you can be setup with support for all of these items - allowing you to continue to focus on the most important part of your business - your new game.