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@garymoncrieff9 years ago
@paul good job on updated site, there are things there which I was going to ask about soon, points is one, will you be releasing that?
10/03/14 11:56:26PM @paul:
Hi Gary - Thanks for the comments on the new Motagator site. It does incorporate some of soon to be released modules - I'm sort of beta testing them there ;-)
They are the Live Wall module, which will be called jrAnnika after my second grand-daughter (Aparna was the first), the jrGroup module which provides the discussions, and a jrInvite module that users can use to drive followers to specific items, like a new discussion group or event. jrEvent has also been updated to allow 'attendees' to register - 'I am going'/'I was there'.
The points system is something I put together specifically for Motagator, but if you thing other JR users would be interested in it, it could be released.

10/04/14 12:02:04AM @garymoncrieff:
Hey Cool

The points system is cool, and opens itself to so many other areas, I am assuming you are assigning points for engaging on the site?

These points could then be used for other things, one of the biggest forms of engagement on a social site is the notion of a Pets module. If you've ever used you will know what I mean.

If the goal is to move Jamroom away from being a music centred cms, then these are the types of modules which will achieve that.

I have used PhpFox in the past and here's two implementations on that platform.

(Dead URL)

(Dead URL)

10/12/14 02:07:46AM @garymoncrieff:
Paul quick question relating to live wall, does it automatically load more items when you scroll to the bottom?
10/25/14 03:24:00AM @garymoncrieff:
Hey Paul

The jrInvite module will it allow members to invite their friends to signup to the site, or is it purely for inviting members to see content on the site?