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@garymoncrieff9 years ago
Really at a standstill now with Jamroom site
08/18/15 01:40:27PM @remij:
Hy Gary, we are looking for jamroom developers to help us out to design a new skin and more. could you give me your email address so i can send you more information privately?
Thanks. Remi Jourdan rj @ emgpowered (.) com

08/19/15 01:18:22AM @garymoncrieff:
Hi, I sent you an email.
Ken Rich
12/17/15 06:10:48AM @ken-rich:
Hi Gary,

Thanks for your help on the featuring. I'm almost ready to roll out my new skin a Ningja clone with the featuring from Nova and a Nova like frontpage.

Your expertise and willingness to help impressed me. I have a small job in mind now, that I am willing to pay for.

It involves simply dumping a copy of all 128 bit MP3's into a folder (on command), so they can be downloaded via Filezilla for my radio. So copying from the JR5 audio tables into a folder.

It doesn't have to be a "fancy" set-up. New additions and deletions need not be accounted for. The folder doesn't need to be kept "in sync" with those, or with the downloaded folder on the PC.

If I can just manually create a folder with an ACP button, perhaps once a month, that would be fine. Then I can redownload and account for additions or deletions myself, with my PC software.

Please send me an email to with a quote if you are interested. Thanks.