Installing Genosis

  • If you do not have hosting already, then use Jamroom Hosting and choose to install Genosis
  • screenshot of the location to choose Genosis when using Jamroom Hosting
  • Otherwise, Download Genosis

    Downloading and Installing Genosis is really straightforward - if you've ever installed a web script before (i.e. Wordpress) then installing Genosis will be easy.

    The first step is to download Genosis.

    and save the download ZIP file to your system.
  • Upload the Genosis files to your web server

    The next step is to get the Genosis files uploaded to your Web Server - this is usually done with an FTP client (but can also be done via SSH, etc.):

    - Unzip the Genosis download on your hard drive

    - Upload the files using FTP to your Web Server - the files should be place inside the "public_html" or "httpdocs" directory.

    If you already have a site installed, you can install Genosis in a sub directory.
  • Run the Genosis installer

    Run the Genosis installer
    Once everything is uploaded, fire up the installer by loading your site in your browser - i.e.

    and you will be presented with the Genosis installer - enter the required install information and Genosis will be installed for you.

    If you don't know what settings to use on the Genosis installer, contact your hosting provider - they can help you get the settings you need.