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Genosis Family Tree Skin

This is the Family Tree Skin for Genosis - specifically designed for highlighting and showcasing ancestor profiles.

Genosis World Events

The Genosis World Events module adds significant "World Events" to your Genosis profile time line. The World Events module will import relevant Wikipedia events, and insert...

Genosis Time Map

The Genosis Time Map module adds an exciting new way to visualize and browse your ancestors by adding a world map where you can view the birth events of ancestors in your tree....

Genosis Stories

The Genosis Stories modules provides a "Stories" section on an Genosis Ancestor Profile, allowing you to share information and stories about ancestors.

Genosis Sources

The Genosis Sources module provides core level Source and Fact support for use by all Genosis modules.

Genosis Research

The Genosis Research module provides research options for Genosis Researchers (admin users) including record search capabilities for a variety of genealogical sites.

Genosis Events

The Genosis Events module provides Timeline functionality to Ancestor Profiles.

Genosis Badges

The Genosis Badges module makes it easy to add "badges" to your Ancestor profiles. Want to mark Ancestor profiles that served in the military? Or ancestors that immigrated to...
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