YouTube module moves to v3 API

user image 2015-05-08
By: michael
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YouTube module moves to v3 API

This is an announcemnet as much as it is a blog post.  YouTube/Google have change the way they allow Developers to access their data.

This has a big effect on the way the YouTube Support module works.  There would be no need to change the way the module works, except that YouTube have cancelled their v2 API so its starting to no longer work.

It does seam to work on occasion, but it will get worse and worse, so today the new version of the YouTube Support module has hit the marketplace.

This new version 1.2.0 uses the updated current v3 API provided by YouTube/Google.  However it does require registration in order to use it.

Steps to get the needed KEY can be found here:

If you are running the YouTube module and plan to upgrade, please follow the steps to get the newer version working.