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@michael10 years ago
added this Google Hangout to the Youtube channelJamroom 5 CMS: adding to the profiles Talks about 'Magic views' and Profiles.
03/14/14 02:11:19PM @brian:
I liked this discussion Michael - Magic Views are a really powerful feature of Jamroom that saves you from writing a lot of code, so that was awesome that you covered it.
03/14/14 02:27:27PM @brian:
One additional follow up - I watched to the end about the profile menu, and the profile.php script is optional - it's only needed if you have specific routing needs at the profile/module level. If all you need is a profile menu entry, you can simply do that by registering for it in the module's init function via a jrCore_register_module_feature call to jrProfile's "profile_menu".
03/14/14 08:59:03PM @michael:
Writing a transcription of that video might be a good job for me to do today.