Ning 2/3 to Jamroom - What you need to know

  • Ning2 Imports - What Gets Imported

    • Members + their comments (Active, Pending, Suspended and Left members can be routed to seperate quotas for ease of management)
    • Blog Posts + their comments
    • Global Forums Topics and Discussions
    • Photos + their comments
    • Videos (including embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos) + their comments
    • Music (including embedded SoundCloud tracks)
    • Events (Upcoming and Past) + their comments
    • Groups including group discussions and pages + their comments *
    Ie. Everything in the Ning archive
  • Ning2 Imports - What Doesn’t Get Imported

    • Site Settings and Design
    • Friend/Follower associations ***
    • View Counts on Posts, Photos and Videos ***
    • Organized Photos (Albums) ***
    • Passwords and Profile Privacy Settings **
    • Private messages ***


    * Note that Ning neglect to tag group pages to their parent group within their archive so Jamroom has no option but to import pages as 'stand-alone' items. There is, however, a free Jamroom tool that lists all imported groups and pages and allows associations to be remade between them.

    ** Upon each member import, a randomly generated password is allocated. All imported members can then be emailed (again using a free Jamroom tool) with this new password so that they can login to the imported site (and reset their passwords if need be).

    *** Not included in the Ning archive.

    The Ning to Jamroom importer is a free module installed on your Jamroom site. The import can be done yourself by following the Jamroom documentation here - Import Ning to Jamroom Services

    - Alternatively Jamroom offer it as a service -
    Ning to Jamroom
    The import process can be very 'server intensive', particularly when importing many media (audio/video/image) items and converting them so that the play on all devices (PCs, tablets and smart phones) and often, low end 'shared' servers will stutter and fail, and the import process will need resuming. It will get there in the end but can be frustrating and time consuming. If importing Ning2 to Jamroom please consider one of Jamroom's hosting plans.
    - that include your own dedicated VPS Linode server fine tuned specifically for Jamroom, Jamroom pre-installed, free access to all Jamroom modules and skins, VIP support and daily, self-managed backups.

  • Ning3 Imports

    As yet, Ning do not provide an archiver for Ning3 sites, but they do provide a tool for downloading a CSV file of basic Ning3 member data. Jamroom has a free tool for importing members from this file. Not an ideal situation, but if need be, you could start your community afresh with Jamroom and at least keep your most valuable asset, your members.

    Please don't hesitate to ask questions.