udemy secton 3: adding features to your community

This is for a udemy course "Start your own online community" that focuses on...

Getting Started: Installation

Install into your server, here's how.

The Marketplace: Installing a Module

Use the marketplace system built into jamroom to get new modules for your site

Customization: Introduction to Site Builder

Create custom pages without code.

The Admin Handbook: Learning Quotas

Multiple different types of profiles.

Getting Started: Jamroom Hosted

The best option for running a Jamroom site.

The Admin Handbook: Cloning Skins

Clone a skin when you want to make changes.

The Marketplace: Installing a Skin

New skins can be added with a click, here's how.

The Admin Handbook: The Form Designer

The Form Designer is a feature that allows you to customize forms.

Customization: Changing a Background Image

change any skin image you want

Sections: Admin Control Panel (ACP)

How to administer your site

Sections: Profile

Concept of Profiles

Sections: The Top Section

The place the visitors land. Its for showcasing the content your profiles...

Customization: Building Lists

Using the Site Builder system to construct lists