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The Audio Support module adds Full Audio Support to your Jamroom site, including: - Converting uploaded files in AAC, FLAC, WAV, WMA, OGG and M4A to custom MP3 bitrate. -...

Redis Cache

The Redis Cache module adds support for using Redis as a system cache and session server (instead of the MySQL server). On large systems this can speed up caching and free up...

Support Tickets

The Support Tickets module makes it easy to add a ticketing system to your Jamroom site that includes: - Quota Config for priority options and access (i.e. give specific...

Media URL Scanner

The Media URL Scanner provides a Core Text Formatter that "scans" user text and replaces URLs to supported media sites with an inline, embedded player - this makes it super easy...


The Subscriptions module adds full subscription support to your Jamroom site, allowing you to sell Jamroom Quota access to profiles. The Subscriptions module is very flexible,...


Adds an easy to use Forum to User Profiles. Profile owners and site admins can block individual users from posting. Also supports "sticky" posts, as well as post file attachments.

Follow Me 2

Follow Me is the premier social skin for Jamroom featuring an enhanced Timeline, Profile Pulse integration and a slick design.

Video Pro 2

Video Pro 2 is the premier Video skin for Jamroom. Featuring a clean, modern and responsive design, Video Pro 2 has been built from the ground up to showcase and highlight...
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