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Item Tags

Creates a new "Tags" section on Item pages so individual items can be tagged by users. Also provides a system and profile level "Tag Cloud".

Simple Custom Forms

Adds an easy to use "Form Creator" that allows you to create almost any type of form you would like. Can optionally require a login to fill out a form, and saves all form data...

Batch Item Editor

The Batch Item Editor adds a new "Batch Edit Items" option to module Tool menus for DataStore enabled modules, allowing you to edit items in bulk. This is a module designed for...

Banned Items

The Banned Items module allows you to "ban" specific items from your site: - Words (i.e. profanity filter) - IP Addresses - Email Addresses and Domains - User Names and...

Graph Support

Adds support to the Jamroom Core for line, plot and area graphs - part of the Jamroom Core.

Advanced Charts

The Advanced Charts module makes it easy to create daily, weekly, monthly or "all time" charts of items by count (plays, views, etc.): - flexible design allows charting over...


The Subscriptions module adds full subscription support to your Jamroom site, allowing you to sell Jamroom Quota access to profiles. The Subscriptions module is very flexible,...

Subscription Vouchers

Create 'Subscription Voucher Codes'. By entering a code when subscribing to your site, users will be allocated to a specified quota that could be configured as a cheaper option,...
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