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Geo Location

The Geo Location module for Jamroom adds 2 template functions for use in your Templates: {jrGeo_location} - get location information for an IP Address {jrGeo_distance} - get...

Favicon Creator

The Favicon Creator module makes it easy to create a "Favicon" for your Jamroom Site. Features: - creates a favicon from your PNG image with multiple resolutions (16x16,...

Audio Import

The Audio Import module is designed to import audio files from the local server file system. Import files will be ID3 tagged and profiles created as needed. If you have a...


The Audio Support module adds Full Audio Support to your Jamroom site, including: - Converting uploaded files in AAC, FLAC, WAV, WMA, OGG and M4A to custom MP3 bitrate. -...

URL Redirection

The URL Redirection module features: - URL Shortening for Item Detail Pages - Rewriting of URLs (link masking) with redirect statistics

Graph Support

Adds support to the Jamroom Core for line, plot and area graphs - part of the Jamroom Core.


The Analytics module adds a new "Analytics" tab to your JR dashboard with a real time overview of your current users including logged in users, visitors, bots and referrals.

System Core

This is the Jamroom System Core module. The Core Module provides all low level functionality for other Jamroom modules and skins, and is required for any Jamroom install to...
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