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MailGun API

The Mailgun API module adds core support for sending email via the MailGun SMTP service, as well as tools for validating email addresses and processing bounced email.

Email Support

Part of the Jamroom Core - provides all low level plugin support and functionality for sending email via SMTP servers. Includes external SMTP server support as well as send...

System Core

This is the Jamroom System Core module. The Core Module provides all low level functionality for other Jamroom modules and skins, and is required for any Jamroom install to...


Provides all User Account support for the Jamroom Core: - User Accounts - User Sessions - User Languages - Logging in and Signing Up

Support Tickets

The Support Tickets module makes it easy to add a ticketing system to your Jamroom site that includes: - Quota Config for priority options and access (i.e. give specific...

Redis Cache

The Redis Cache module adds support for using Redis as a system cache and session server (instead of the MySQL server). On large systems this can speed up caching and free up...

Graph Support

Adds support to the Jamroom Core for line, plot and area graphs - part of the Jamroom Core.

Geo Location

The Geo Location module for Jamroom adds 2 template functions for use in your Templates: {jrGeo_location} - get location information for an IP Address {jrGeo_distance} - get...
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