Can I Install Other Items From the Jamroom Marketplace?

  • Can I Install Other Modules From the Jamroom Marketplace?

    Yes - installing additional support in your Jamroom site is easy - just go in to your ACP -> Core -> Marketplace.

    You will find listings of available modules, skins and bundles (bundles of modules and/or skins at a reduced price) that can all be installed in your Jamroom site. Note that some bundles are designed as "complete systems" that offer a site geared towards very specific functionality (i.e. Genosis and Proxima) - modules for these systems should not be installed in a "normal" Jamroom site.

    Many modules are free, and some are paid. There are also modules and skins available from 3rd party developers in the Marketplace - all of them are easily installed by clicking on the "install" button (for free modules) or "purchase" for paid modules. With one click the module will be installed for you.

    For more information, make sure and check out the Marketplace documentation: