Install a Module

  • Overview

    Jamroom is made up of modules. Modules are added to make your site do different stuff. Which Modules you add changes how your site works.
    This HowTo shows how the admin user can add new modules to the site via the Marketplace module in the ACP
  • Installing a Jamroom Module

    Module installation is done from the MARKETPLACE tab of the ACP.


    Click on the INSTALL button of the module you want to install.
  • screenshot of the marketplace with the install buttons highlighted
  • When you're using Jamroom Hosting all modules by "The Jamroom Network" are free.
  • After clicking INSTALL the module will be downloaded and installed into your system.

    From there you just need to Activate it to start using it. To activate it, click the Module Active checkbox and Save Changes.
  • screenshot of a newly installed module waiting to be activated.
  • IMPORTANT: If its a module that puts a tab on the profile, then go to QUOTA CONFIG and check "allowed on profile" to get the tab to show.