Step 2 - Create you Ning Archive

  • Create You Ning Archive

    You are a Ning user so you are probably aware of the Ning Archiving Tool. Use it now to download the archive of your entire Ning site's content to your local PC. Just download the JSON file for each Ning item. If your Ning site is still active the Jamroom import tool will grab any Ning media directly from their servers during the import process.
  • Note that if you have a large Ning site, downloading the archive could take several hours to complete.
  • If you are not familiar with how to download your Ning archive, instructions on how to do it can be found here -

    Basically, you need to first install Adobe AIR onto your computer, and then Ning's archive tool. You can then run the tool to optionally download any or all of the content components of your Ning site.