Step 1 - Create your Jamroom Site

  • Create your Jamroom Site

    The quickest and easiest way to get up and running with a Jamroom site is to use our hosting - - You'll be up and running in a matter of minutes. You will have your own super fast, dedicated VPS server that can support multiple domains, Jamroom pre-installed, access to all Jamroom modules and skins, VIP support and daily backups.

    Alternatively, you can run your Jamroom on your own server. There are lots of companies out there offering hosting, and most of their servers will run a Jamroom site very happily. However, Jamroom does have some specific server requirements
    - see - so check that your potential hosting provides this. Most do!!

    Also, if your host supports Softaculous in their cPanel, they provide a 'one click' Jamroom install.

    Of course, if you already have a server, you can also install Jamroom on it yourself. Download the free Jamroom Core from

    - upload it to your server, visit the server with your browser and follow the install instructions


    At this point I'd strongly recommend taking some time to play with your new Jamroom installation to learn what it does (and what its capable of), its basic structure, what Profiles, Users and Items are, how to upload items via the profile pages and most importantly as 'Admin', take a look around the Admin Control Panel (ACP) to see how to configure modules and skins, as well as options for customising your site.
    Whilst you are doing this, start the download of your Ning archive (next page). If you have a big Ning site, that could take a couple of days to complete!!

    We'd also recommend now that if you haven't done so already, you register here at Jamroom -

    - This will give you access to our forums where as well as the Jamroom Team, there are many other Jamroom users willing to help new users out. Also, by registering, you'll get the codes to enter into your Jamroom site's Marketplace that will allow 'one click' software updates and installation of any new modules and skins you may want to use.

    We also have a free online video course for getting to know Jamroom at
    Udemy -

    "Start your own online community"

    Check that out so as to fully understand Jamroom's structure and capabilities so as to get the most out of Jamroom.