• The following pages are a guide to migrating your Ning website, with all its content, to the Jamroom CMS.

    Jamroom has been around for over 12 years and the introduction of Jamroom 5 two years ago has opened up many new possibilities for Jamroom based websites, including the means to import your existing Ning site, complete with all its content, as described in the following pages.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is perfectly possible to do the import yourself following this guide but it is aimed at 'Advanced Users' who have a basic understanding of servers, files, FTP etc. If that is you, please proceed with this document. If not, or if you want an easy ride, we can do the entire import for you. Please checkout our import services here -

    The Jamroom Core is free to download and use, and will give you a basic CMS with community features into which you can import your Ning Members and their Blogs.

    In order to do a full Ning import, additional Jamroom modules will be required. Make sure and check out the Ning To Jamroom bundle:

    You may also want to checkout other Jamroom modules (many of them free) that you can install on your new Ning/Jamroom site to give your site users even more features:

    Alternatively, checkout our Hosted packages. Create a 'Ning To Jamroom' install there and all required modules and skins will be loaded ready to go:
  • Note that a Ning2 import to Jamroom is achieved via Ning's archive that includes all member data, audio/video/image items, groups, discussions and pages, blogs and events. Occasionally, when creating these archive files, Ning introduces corruption and anomalies to them. Jamroom makes every effort to circumvent this when importing but accordingly cannot guarantee to import every item.

    Also note that Ning do not include member friend/follower information, or any private messages in their archive so this cannot be imported.