• You have now successfully imported your Ning site to the Jamroom CMS. You are mostly likely using the default 'Ningja' skin that shows all your imported Ning items and features, but take a look at some of the other Jamroom skins that might be more suitable for your new site -
    Alternatively, you may want to make your site more unique by using the ACP template, language and CSS editors found in each skin and module section - Its up to you, but be assured that with Jamroom you'll be helped and supported all the way.

    Jamroom also has a free 'Site Builder' module. Once installed on your site it provides a quick and easy to use 'Web Page Construction Kit' whereby page layouts can be created and populated with 'widgets' to list all imported items, show sliders, forms and absolute code blocks. Web pages can be built in minutes using this tool!!

    Take some time to look around the rest of the Jamroom pages here, particular our forum at where you could well find all the answers you need.

    Thanks for reading
    Paul (Jamroom Team)
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