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SD Network

The support we received as we set up our site (both individually and
through the JR support forum) helped make it a smooth transition when we
moved from Ning to Jamroom. We are thrilled with how our site looks and
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AmeriCymru is the social network for the Welsh, ex-pats and persons of Welsh descent around the world. Croeso / welcome to the 'daiaspora' :)
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Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer

My site for players of the Appalachian Dulcimer (a traditional American musical instrument) was started on Ning in 2009. Over six years my site grew in members numbers and scope, yet Ning did not grow along with it, and in fact had intentionally...
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Paint My Photo

I have been working closely with Jamroom over the last few weeks to move my site, PaintMyPhoto, from Ning to Jamroom. It has been a huge task, with 26,000 members and 100,000+ high resolution images to move. We elected to use Jamroom's hosting...
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The Chocolate Life

I started on Ning back in mid-January 2008. At the time it was pretty much the only white-label game in town. My community grew pretty quickly and before I knew it I was stuck. Data lock-in and my members weren't even my own. With the announcement...
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Dreadlocks Site

"For 5 years I had the only trusted site in the niche but as mobile traffic grew and with Ning's slow load times and even slower development and improvement, my site's traffic was dying fast.
Jamroom not only gave me more power, speed, and...
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Decorative Concrete Kingdom

"I have had a Premium Membership for a couple of years where contractors would pay for a "directory listing" that generated leads for them on the main domain of the site (my Ning site was a sub-domain of the other) BUT I've never had a way to...
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