Jamroom 6.3.0 Kickoff, Project Updates and a Spring Special

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By: brian
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Jamroom 6.3.0 Kickoff, Project Updates and a Spring Special

Hey Everyone!

It's been quite a while since our last Blog post and I wanted to take some time to fill everyone in on what's been happening behind the scenes here with the Jamroom team. Although it may not be apparent (due to the lack of us blogging!) we've been very, very busy on this end.

Jamroom Core 6.3.0 is coming

If you already subscribe to the Beta Channel, you have seen the first few beta releases of Jamroom Core 6.2.1. There have been a number of NEW features and changes that have continued to pour in to this release, and we've decided to bump the version up to Jamroom Core 6.3.0. If you are on the Beta channel, you'll see the first beta of 6.3.0 is now available . Some of the bigger and more notable changes are:

  • Table layouts have been overhauled for mobile devices. We've run into a number of situations where wide tables just aren't viewable correctly on the small mobile screen, so there is a NEW "vertical" table layout that makes it easier to see all table cells on a mobile device.
  • The Core Global Config has been changed up. "Allowed Domains" has been removed, since Jamroom no longer uses Play Keys for tracking media plays - instead it uses a new cookie based approach for managing media streams.
  • New "Log in to Stream" and "Log in to Download" options that are now supported by the Core.
  • There is a new customizable template (db_error.tpl) that is shown to users if your site encounters an issue with connecting to the database - this is a bit more friendly than a plain text error dump.

There's also a ton of small updates, tweaks and bug fixes in place as well - the Jamroom Core 6.3 upgrade is shaping up really well and we think you're going to like the update.

Working with new Jamroom Clients

Over the last year we've started working on new projects with a few large Jamroom customers that are going fantastic. They are very supportive of the work we're doing on Jamroom, and a lot of new updates and development is being driven by the Jamroom team working on these new projects.

Some of these clients are very close to launching and our hope is to have a blog post or white paper featuring these projects so the Jamroom community can get an "inside look" at the work that goes in to taking an idea on paper to a complete product that can be shipped and sold to users.

We're excited they've chosen to build their product on Jamroom and can't wait to share.

Spring Special on Jamroom Professional and Jamroom Premium!

For a VERY limited time - only through March 31st! - we are having a "Spring Special" on the self hosted Jamroom Licenses .  Now through the end of the month you can get:

Jamroom Professional for $349 - save $150.  This gets you all Jamroom Premium items on up to 4 sites, 1 year of VIP support AND professional installation.

Jamroom Premium for $199 - save $100.  This gets you all Jamroom Premium items on up to 2 sites and 30 days of VIP Support.

These deals are only good through March 31st so grab it now if you've been waiting for a good deal :)

That's it for now - with spring right around the corner (finally!) I'm personally hoping for sunny skies and warmer temperatures.

Thanks everyone!

03/14/19 03:15:03PM @strumelia:
Thanks for the cool updates!
03/21/19 11:36:32PM @dapiran:
Hello I have jamroom 4,2 enterprice ,and projam 5 skin licences, I want to update 6,3 professional and installations with skin.. I will use own server... What I need to pay for make this?