Coming Soon - Jamroom 6.5.0

user image 2020-04-21
By: brian
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Coming Soon - Jamroom 6.5.0

Well it has been a long time - way too long! - since I wrote a blog post to keep everyone up to date on what has been happening in the world of Jamroom. My 2020 "resolution" is to do this more often :)

I hope everyone is staying safe right now - it's been a very weird couple of months with everyone "sheltering at home", but for the Jamroom Team and myself it's been "mostly" business as usual.  We're already a small, distributed team that works remotely so there's not been much change in how we work or what we've been working on - we've still been hard at work on all things Jamroom.  We hope you've been doing well and staying safe and healthy - many of our JR customers have been using this "home time" to work on their sites and get things updated - so if you're feeling a little bored of Netflix now is a good time to focus on your Jamroom site!

For those of you that have been keeping up with the latest Jamroom Beta releases, you've seen the ongoing Core and module work that we've been working on - it's been coming a long well and we are REALLY close to the first Jamroom 6.5 stable release!  There is a TON of updates in Jamroom 6.5 - many are focused on performance improvements and speed, but there is a lot of cool new stuff as well.  One of the benefits of hosting really large Jamroom sites is that we have access to performance data and in turn have insights in to what is making a Jamroom site slow.  We can then focus our energy on heavily optimizing those locations in the code that could be causing an issue (almost always related to database and file system access).

The other big changes in the Jamroom Core is that this will be the first release that can be used with the all new Jamroom Cluster.  The Jamroom Cluster is a hosted solution that you'll be hearing more about in the next few months as we start to roll this out for some of our largest Jamroom customers.  The Jamroom Cluster is a fully scalable solution for those that have outgrown a single server and need high end performance, or want to be sure they don't have down time.  More on that later though :)

I'll be posting more about Jamroom 6.5, as well as our plans for Jamroom 7 over the next few months - so be watching for new blog posts as I try hard to stick to my new years resolution.