Start your own online community course

user image 2013-12-05
By: brian
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Start your own online community course

For those of you new to Jamroom (and even Jamroom veterans who are new to Jamroom 5), I wanted to post about a new "Udemy" course that Michael has been working hard on building over the last month or so:

Start Your Own Online Community

This is a video course that covers many, many different aspects of running and using Jamroom - everything from using FTP to upload the initial files to your site, to customizing a skin to suit your needs.

It is broken up into smaller "Sections", and within each section are "Lectures" that are just the right length even if you're busy - you don't have to sit through everything at once, and can even jump around and pick and choose those topics that interest you.

With Jamroom 5 we've been doing a lot more video guides, so make sure and check out our YouTube Channel :

With dozens of video guides online, there's surely something new for you to checkout :)

We hope you enjoy the videos, and thanks to Michael for all his hard work on putting these together!

- Brian