New Issue Tracker and iFrame Modules + updates

user image 2014-02-25
By: brian
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This week we have 2 new modules that we've just released:

Issue Tracker

The new Issue Tracker module is a powerful issue tracking system that can be used in almost any support organization - we use it here on for all bug/feature/request tracking.  It's super easy to use, integrates well into the profile, and provides a central place for all issue tracking.  Features include:

  • Both public and private issue tracking for team members.
  • Full image and file attachment support for tickets, and commenting with the Comments module installed.
  • Feature Request tickets with "feature voting" support.
  • "Back Burner" tab for tasks and ideas you want to track, but are not pressing.

We've been using the Issue Tracker module here on for several months, and figured it was time to make it available in the Marketplace:

iFrame Control

Our second module this week is the new (free) "iFrame Control" module.  With the iFrame control module you can safely add support for trusted iframes to your site, without having to worry that the remote SRC URL is going to inject malicious code into your site.  You can easily add/remove trusted sources from the iFrame Control module.

We also have an updated release of the Jamroom Core (5.1.24) that adds some new features:

  • Bundled jQuery has been updated to the very latest release (1.11.0)
  • New Watermarking support in the Image Support module for watermarking images with your own custom watermark.
  • New "fill" crop parameter support for cropping an image to a specific size -the resulting image will be "letterboxed" so the full image aspect ratio is maintained.
  • Updated DataStore support including a new function - jrCore_db_update_multiple_items() - that should help developers write more compact and efficient DataStore code.
  • The "group_by" parameter for jrCore_db_search_items() can now accept multiple fields, separated by a comma.
  • New "signed" Checktype type for testing that a number is a whole number (both positive and negative).

As always, please join us in the User Support Forum:

and let us know how you're using Jamroom.  We look forward to seeing you online!

- The Jamroom Team