Say hello to Jamroom 5.2

user image 2014-06-02
By: brian
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Say hello to Jamroom 5.2

I have just finished pushing up a HUGE number of module and skin updates - all for the new Jamroom Core 5.2:

This new release of the Jamroom Core wraps up a lot of work that has been going on over the last month or so - some of these small changes were introduced in Jamroom Core 5.1.x releases, but Jamroom 5.2 wraps this work up and gives us a new version moving forward.

Some of the cool new features:

  • New customizable Dashboard .  You can now select the information that is shown in the dashboard "panels", as well as customize the number of rows/columns that are shown in the dashboard. Simply click on a panel to customize it.
  • New Graph Support module for generating line, area and plot graphs.  You can see this in action in the new Dashboard setup for the profile and user panels - these new panels have a small graph icon that when clicked on will show you a graph.  Going forward this new module will be utilized by more modules and sections in the ACP.
  • New System Tips module - a really helpful module for new (and even long time) Jamroom users that includes walkthoughs and tips on how to do many things in the ACP.  Just click on the "Tour" tab to launch the tour for that module.
  • Brand new "Lucid" skin designed for running a blog-centered community.  This is a really clean skin, easy to customize and expand to suit your needs.
  • Lots of updates to the Elastic skin to make it cleaner and easier to customize.  Includes an all new Mobile menu for easier navigation when on mobile devices.
  • Lots of low level DataStore and process improvements designed to make the system faster as well as use less memory.  This includes improved DS performance, how settings and config items are loaded, as well as how Language strings are handled.
  • Lots of small updates and touches - you'll see new features and small tweaks in a lot of the modules and sections designed to make things smoother and work a bit better.

If you are already running Jamroom Core 5.1.x, updating is easy in your Marketplace.  You can also install the new free Graph Support and System Tips modules , as well as the new Lucid Skin if you'd like to check those out (for sure install the Graph Support - you'll want that).

Now that the 5.2 core is out, you'll also see some additional module updates over the next few weeks as we add support for the new custom dashboard and other features in.

We hope you enjoy the new release, and please join us in the User Forum:

If you have any questions about the new release.

We hope you enjoy Jamroom 5.2!

- The Jamroom Team