25% off Jamroom Birthday special - 11 years!

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By: brian
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25% off Jamroom Birthday special - 11 years!

It was today 11 years ago (July 28th, 2003) that Jamroom 1.0b1 was released to the world.  This was before MySpace, YouTube, Facebook or any of the other large social networks were around, and the idea of "social networking" was brand new.  Of course some of the earliest people to get into it were musicians - looking for ways to promote their music online, and so Jamroom was born to fill a small niche.

11 years later Jamroom is still kicking - there definitely have been "ups and downs" over the last 11 years, but I think it has been more up than down :)

So to celebrate Jamrooms's 11th birthday we're running a "25% off Birthday Special" where you can get 25% off any marketplace item that we have created (The Jamroom Network). This will be good for the next 4 days only - on August 1st the special goes away, so if there are Marketplace items you've been wanting to pick up, now is the time.  Note that the discount does not include Bundles (which are already discounted more than 25%) - just single modules and skins.

To get the discount, enter the following promo code:


Into the "Promo Code" section of your Marketplace module in your Jamroom install - this will apply the discount to your account so the items you purchase will automatically discounted.

Let us know if you have any questions about the promo - otherwise here's to many more years of Jamroom ;)


08/01/14 12:41:43AM @eric-dion:
"Promo Code" section of your Marketplace module not in my Jamroom install ,
how to get discount?

08/01/14 01:48:30AM @michael:
as the admin user, go to YOUR-SITE.COM/marketplace/promo
08/01/14 08:32:05PM @eric-dion:
If you have received a Promo Code, enter it here.
Promo Codes can be used on individual Module and Skin purchases.
Invalid system id - please try again
Promo Code
Enter the promo code exactly as it appears in your email (or where you received the promo code from).

NOTE: Promo Codes are only applied to modules and skins - bundles are already discounted so cannot be purchased with a promo code.

08/02/14 06:41:31AM @brian:
This promo expired August 1st. Make sure you're setup to receive our newsletters so you can be notified when there are specials.