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user image 2013-10-18
By: brian
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Welcome to the new Jamroom.net!

We've been working really hard over the last month to update Jamroom.net to run on Jamroom 5, and we're happy to finally get everything working to the point where we can go live.

The new Jamroom.net offers a lot of new functionality, with our goal to make it easier than ever to use (and get help using) Jamroom.  This includes:

  • All new Marketplace that makes installing, updating and keeping up to date a breeze.
  • New Support Module making it easy to find documentation and get help with specific modules and skins.
  • New Developer profiles with dedicated forums, issue tracking and documentation.
  • New Jamroom 5 Core (version 5.1.0) with dozens of updates, tweaks, and bug fixes.
  • Hundreds of updates to dozens of Jamroom 5 Modules.
  • New server powering Jamroom.net.

We'll be working hard over the next month to make sure everything is running smooth as can be on the new system, as well as working to make sure the site is functioning as efficiently as it can.  We want to make it easy to find what you're looking for!

If you run into any bugs or issues, make sure and post to our Jamroom Network Support Forum:


and we'll followup right away.

Our plan is to move the existing Jamroom.net system over to archive.jamroom.net - the old phpBB2 based forum will be left in read only mode so the forum posts will still be accessible, and Jamroom 4 (and older) modules and files will still be available there.

If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer.

We hope you enjoy the new site!

- The Jamroom Team

11/03/13 08:38:27PM @ilovehousemusic:
I really like this template. Who can I talk to about getting my hands on this skin? Great work!
11/04/13 08:08:18AM @brian:
Awesome - glad you like it! The new skin is based off a 3rd party template, so it's not something we can release - it's only licensed for this site, and has been pretty heavily customized for our use, so wouldn't make a good skin for "general" use.

I appreciate the feedback though - the team has worked hard to make the new site easier to use and slicker than the old :)

11/06/13 12:01:53PM @smithkyle:
Just saw this! One quick thought, and this could just be personal preference, but could blog comments be arranged timestamp order from top (oldest) to bottom (newest)? Just think that way you could follow the thread a little easier.


11/06/13 12:58:12PM @brian:
This should look better now - the latest version of the User Comments module allows you to set the default comment display order, so I've changed it to show oldest first, as I agree I like it more.

Hope this helps!

11/06/13 01:06:17PM @maxcinsay:
Hello Brian, Thank you and your team for all the hard work. I just downloaded and installed locally a copy of JR5, I need to create a skin it (it will be used in r2rlive.com, we will be migrating it from JR4 to 5 soon) and I was wondering if you guys could offer a 'sample' database to import it in my local installation.

Thanks in advance

11/06/13 01:10:51PM @brian:
Glad to hear you have JR5 installed now :)

We don't have a sample database to install, but you can use the "Loader Mode" checkbox in the Developer Tools module to "build up" a test site if you want.

- install the Developer Tools module from the marketplace and activate it
- go into the Global Config and check the "Loader Mode" option

Now - when you go into a module (say the Audio module) and create an item, it will give you the option to specify how many extra "copies" of that item you want created. Each extra item created will be created with it's own unique name, but this gives you the ability to create like 5,000 songs for testing purposes. It works for any more as well.

Let me know if that helps.


p.s. if you can, post these types of questions to our Support Forum:


and we can help there. Thanks!

11/13/13 10:12:31AM @johnchansa:
New design...new ideas going forward
Great stuff..keep it up

Still with JR4...I hope to move to JR5 in the near future