Jamroom Hosting is now live!

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By: brian
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Jamroom Hosting is now live!

After several weeks of beta testing, Jamroom Hosting is now live for everyone!

If you are looking for high end Jamroom Hosting that doesn't slow down , Jamroom Hosting has you covered.  Built from the ground up to be 100% tuned for Jamroom you can run your Jamroom site with confidence knowing the platform is fast AND you're covered by VIP Support .

You'll find the new "Hosting" option right in your profile menu - it is the bright orange button when viewing your profile that says "Hosting" - simply click on that to get started with full featured Jamroom Hosting:

  • All Servers are fully managed and backed up daily .
  • Create as many Jamroom Domains on your server as you like.
  • One click install of any Jamroom Distribution (Jamroom Core, Genosis, Site Builder, etc.)
  • Unlimited Modules and Skins for Jamroom domains on your server(s).
  • Instant setup on our cluster of fast, dedicated Media Conversion Servers.
  • Easy to use Control Panel for managing all your servers.
  • Mailgun integration for super reliable email delivery.
  • SFTP Access to Jamroom on your server for direct file access.
  • Priority Ticket support for help with your Jamroom questions.

I want to thank all of the feedback our beta testers have provided so far, and while we're now "out of beta" that doesn't mean we're done thinking of ways to make Jamroom Hosting even better, so if you have feedback please let us know.

Make sure and checkout out the Jamroom Hosting documentation for guides on getting started and how to use Jamroom Hosting:


We're excited to launch what we consider the "next chapter" for Jamroom!


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OOOH I might hit you up about this =)