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By: brian
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This is a quick blog post to outline some changes we have just rolled out in regards to Support Subscriptions for Jamroom:


The yearly "VIP Member" subscription has been removed - there is no longer a yearly subscription needed to gain immediate access to Marketplace modules and skins - all users now have access to purchase and download new Jamroom modules and skins at the time of their release.  The VIP Member was the very first subscription we offered for Jamroom, but with our subscription offerings increasing to now include hosting, we felt this was a subscription we no longer needed to offer, and user feedback was that having to wait for new releases was not a popular idea.

If you are currently a Yearly VIP Member we want to thank you for your support , so please make sure and do the following:

- Log in to PayPal and CANCEL the yearly VIP Member subscription profile - this will prevent you from being charged again when your subscription anniversary rolls around.  Unfortunately we cannot cancel the subscription from our end.

- After you have canceled, please contact us at support [at] jamroom [dot] net and let us know what Marketplace Item you would like for FREE .  For your support of Jamroom we would like to give you a free marketplace item of your choice (developed by us, The Jamroom Network - no 3rd party modules or skins)


All User have full access to the Jamroom Support Forum - VIP Subscribers do get an additional perk by having access to set a Forum Signature where you can set a link to your Jamroom site - regular members do not get access to set a Signature (spammers aren't likely to be subscribers).  All users now have unlimited access to the Jamroom Support forum.


No more Backstage Forum - the backstage forum has been set to "Read Only" - if you have posted in the Backstage Forum for help, please make sure and create a post in the User Support Forum:

The team will no longer be posting or following up in the Backstage forum, and within the next 30 days the backstage forum profile will be set to private and no longer be available.  We know this is going to be a bummer for some of you, but it's going to help us streamline our support - the Jamroom user base has grown considerably over the last 6 months and more often than not we have not been able to follow up in the Backstage forum as it is.

If you cannot post to the main User Support forum (for whatever reason) you will want to subscribe to the VIP Support subscription and have us help you using priority ticket access.


These changes will help streamline our subscription offerings, as well as our support - if anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  These changes should have minimal impact on the majority of users, but we know change can be hard - please let us know if you have an issues or concerns.

Thank you!


05/13/15 02:12:15PM @garymoncrieff:
Backstage always felt isolated to me, and most if all the good tips have found their way onto main forum or into docs anyway.
05/13/15 06:50:27PM @strumelia:
These changes make total sense. More logical and organized now. :)
Do hosting customers still get VIP support subscriptions included?

05/13/15 08:36:12PM @michael:
Quote: Do hosting customers still get VIP support subscriptions included?
Yes, absolutely. That hasn't changed.

Whats in each subscription is in table form here:

05/21/15 04:14:29PM @reginald:
How do I open a new post in the Jamroom Forum - I dont see anywhere in here to be able to create a new post.
05/21/15 08:03:31PM @michael:
To open a new forum post:

* choose the category you want
* click the + button at the top of the category