Jamroom.net Redesign + New Hosting Features

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By: brian
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Jamroom.net Redesign + New Hosting Features

New jamroom.net Design

Today we are excited to roll out the new jamroom.net design!  We've been working hard on a new design over the last couple months, and we think the new simpler layout should make it easier for users to not only find what they are looking for, but also hopefully make it a bit more intuitive.  We've simplified the number of site pages from the previous design, and have gone for a more unified look and feel with new icons and images.

One of the first things you will notice is the new Profile Dashboard that at a glance gives you access to:

- Your Jamroom Hosted servers

- Quick access to Support Tickets for getting help

- Access to your Jamroom Sites and Licenses

- Latest updates from Jamroom Developers and marketplace (click on a marketplace icon to view the changelog!)

- Latest Forum Posts

The goal is to make it easier to see "what's new and happening" at a glance without having to click around as much.

We will be tweaking and updating things here on the back end over the next few days as we encounter any issues (or change our mind on how something is working) - if you see any issues, please let us know and we can get it fixed up ASAP.

New Hosting Features

We've also taken the wraps off some new hosting features:

1) FREE SSL certificates for domains - we've just rolled out a new feature where you can enable SSL on your site with a single click of a button - for free!  No more having to purchase an SSL certificate and go through all the steps creating and sending in the CSR and Key file, etc. - now you can just click the "Enable Free SSL" button in your domain config and you're set.

The certificates used are provided by Let's Encrypt - this is a free SSL certificate provider backed by the EFF which has the goal of making it easy to get SSL running "everywhere".

If you would still like to use a 3rd party SSL certificate (or an extended validation certificate) we of course can still set this up for you on your server - just contact us via ticket and we can help.

2) Used disk space is now show for each domain - in your hosting dashboard you can now see how much disk space each domain is using, which can help you figure which of your domains is hogging all the disk space.

3) The Jamroom Hosted Free Trial is now 14 days - feedback from new Jamroom users was that the 7 day trial period was just a bit too short, and that frequently the trial was over BEFORE you had a chance to really test out the system.  We've upped the free trial length to 14 days now, and will send you a reminder email during that time to see if you need any help with Jamroom.

We also have a new server monitoring solution that is currently running "in beta" that will give us a lot of detailed info on how each of our Jamroom Hosted servers is running.  Some if you have already seen the results of this, where we have gone in pro-actively and tweaked things on your server to ensure Jamroom is running as fast as it can.

We'll have more info coming in the next month or so about this new monitoring system, so be on the watch for that.

If anyone has any questions about the new site design or the new Jamroom Hosting features, make sure and join us in the Support Forum:


and we can help.

We hope you enjoy the new design and features!

04/26/16 11:18:16AM @perrie:
Great Job Brian and all the guys at Jamroom. You make everything so easy!
06/14/16 03:12:13PM @cibercomercio:
Hi. I'm new using Jamroom and I want to try the hosted service, but when I go to subscribe the hosted plan, it only gives me the 7 days Trial option... not the 14 days... and definitely 7 days is not enough time to fully test the service. How can I get the 14 days trial instead of the 7 days? Please let me know. Thanks for such a great script.
06/14/16 03:29:41PM @brian:
Yep - we can do 14 days for you if needed. We recently switched back to 7 days as we found that with 14 days a lot of the trial users would "forget" about their trial. Just shoot us an email at support [at] jamroom [dot] net after spinning up your trial server and we can change it to 14 days.

Hope this helps!

06/14/16 03:32:45PM @cibercomercio:
It sure helps! Thank you for the fast reply. I'll do that. Regards.