How we monitor your Jamroom Hosted Server

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How we monitor your Jamroom Hosted Server

One of the best things about running Jamroom Hosted is that it gives us insights into the overall performance of Jamroom across hundreds of domains - pointing out areas where we can improve the Jamroom code to make things "fly".  For example - some of the recent updates to the Core queue and caching systems have come from being able to see what types of operations are having the biggest impact on the performance of a site.

Nucleos - the eyes on your server

To help us maintain a high level of service and performance we have built our own custom monitoring system for your Jamroom Hosted servers - "Nucleos".  Nucleos is a custom Jamroom module (of course!) that on regular intervals queries the Jamroom Hosted servers for a variety of information:

- What is the current CPU load on the Server?
- How much memory and disk space is the server using?
- Is the web server up and handling user requests?
- Are there any "slow" SQL queries to report?
- Are any SSL certificates going to expire and did they renew correctly?

And more.  All of this comes in to an easy to use interface that alerts us to any issues that may be cropping up on a server.  For many of these checks we can be alerted well before there is any issue, which gives us time to fix the issue before it becomes a real issue.

Nucleos Interface

Whenever a check is run on a server, the results are stored in a plugin archive - this allows us to create graphs for many of the data points we collect, which in turn lets us see if our actions to improve performance for a specific sub system actually works.  We can view the BEFORE and AFTER graph and see the difference - there’s no guessing involved.

MySQL Performance Graph from Nucleos

As Jamroom Hosted has evolved and grown, so too has Nucleos.  We’re constantly trying to improve the reliability and performance of our systems by tweaking and adding new checks to ensure we have a solid view of the performance of the Jamroom Hosted servers.  We're excited about what we've built and wanted to share HOW we monitor your servers for those that are interested.

Bringing Back the Jamroom Hosted 12G Plan

As many of you know a few months back we discontinued the Jamroom Hosted 4G, 8G and 12G Hosted plans - mainly due to operating costs on the backend related to our custom backup solution.  I'm excited to announce that after reworking our backup solution we've been able to lower our backend costs, and that has allowed us to re-introduce the Jamroom Hosted 12G plan!

For only $39 a month you get access to the same great features found in all Jamroom Hosted Plans:

View Jamroom Hosted SSD Plans

If you’re NOT using Jamroom Hosted and are currently hosting Jamroom 5+ elsewhere, we can import your existing Jamroom site for FREE and get you up and running on the fastest and most reliable Jamroom Hosting you can get - Jamroom Hosted.

Contact Us and let us know how we can help take your site to the next level.

Thanks for reading!

- The Jamroom Team