HowTo: Change the Jamroom Directory or Domain

  • If you have changed the directory location of your Jamroom install (for example - moving your Jamroom install from a sub directory into your main HTML directory


    You would like to change the domain name that is being used by your Jamroom, the following steps will help you make the necessary changes.
  • Modify Jamroom's config.php file

    First, edit the data/config/config.php file in your Jamroom install and update the URL to your new domain:

    $_conf['jrCore_base_url'] = '';

    Save your changes.
  • Delete cached files

    Delete the files in the following cache directories:

    data/cache/ActiveSkin - where "ActiveSkin" is the directory for the skin you are using on your site - i.e. "jrElastic"
  • For any Marketplace item licenses, release your licenses on the old domain (before deleting the site), then reinstall your licensed modules on the new one.