HowTo: allow streaming from other sites (embedding players in other websites)

Table of Contents:

  • Overview

    By default Jamroom checks to see that the site that is playing the audio that is uploaded to your site is actually being played ON your site.

    The opposite of this is like paying for your neighbours electricity.

    This HowTo shows you how to disable this feature so you can pay for your neighbours electricity if you want to.

    Analogies aside, you might find that you want to allow your player to be embeded somewhere else to gain exposure for your site.

    Lets take a look at how to do this:

    Starting from Jamroom Core 5.1.6 and newer, you can remove the Play Keys from the stream URL. This will skip the Play Key checking, and allow audio and video files to be streamed from any remote site.

    To disable play keys, go into the Core -> Global Config and add:


    in the "Allowed Domains" config textarea and save.

    The key parameter will still show up in the stream URL, but it will be hard coded to 1 and is not checked by the core.
  • screenshot of ALLOW_ALL_DOMAINS set in the admin control panel
  • Now when the offsite URL's use the url to the media file they will not be blocked.

    If this is a mobile phone using the direct URL to the file eg:

    for an audio file stream of an uploaded file.

    Or the download url

    Or its media player linking directly to your site's media url it will work.

    This isn't a tutorial on how to add a share code for your players, as there are many many ways to approach that issue. This is just an important step so that the shared players need to be activated in order to work.