Keeping your Jamroom install up to date

  • This topic relates to upgrading from one version of Jamroom 5 (or newer) to a new release. If you want to upgrade from Jamroom 4 to Jamroom 5 you will need to import your users. JR4 and JR5 are not compatible!
  • A new release just came out

    Jamroom version releases come out often. Its always recommended to keep your jamroom version up to date with the latest version.
  • Upgrading Jamroom

    a video tutorial of the upgrade process.
  • Run the Integrity Check

    Its not required, but its a good idea, that after the new files have been arrived at your server, as the admin user, run the integrity check.

    The integrity check button is found in the System Core TOOLS section.
  • screenshot of the System Core TOOLS tab with the Integrity Check and the Reset Caches buttons highlighted.
  • Lastly reset the caches

    After the integrity check has completed, go back to the TOOLS section and run the Reset Caches tool.

    Thats it. Your up to date.