Table of Contents:

  • About

  • The Importer is the compliamentary module to the Exporter and is used to import or merge the created intermediary files into the target Jamroom site.
  • 'Merging'

    The term 'merge' has been used alongsite 'import' elsewhere in this document and now is the time to explain why.

    By using this framework of modules and plugins you have the means of 'merging' profiles, users and their content from several source Jamroom, or other CMS sites, into a single target Jamroom site. This would be done by configuring this Importer module to first import all the JSON files created for one site, then the next, then the next etc.

    There are a couple of basic rules applied when merging sites. Firstly, if a duplicate user email is encountered when importing, ie. one the same as a user already existing on the target site, the existing user and linked profile assume the identity of the user being merged and no further data for that user is imported. This has the effect that any subsequent imported content will be linked to that existing user. Secondly, if any profile or user names already exist on the target Jamroom site, the imported names will be incremented prior to import, ie. 'paul' will become 'paul2'.