• Jamroom now provides the means to Import/Merge sites (profiles, users and their content) from other Jamroom sites as well as third party CMS sites (WordPress, Ning, SocialEngine etc. * ). This is achieved with a framework consisting of two Jamroom modules (Exporter and Importer) and 'plugins' to export specific CMS data.

    There is a general two-part process to do this is. Firstly CMS site content is exported using the Exporter module and its plugins to intermediary JSON files that contain all profile, user and content data, along with any pointers to associated files (images, audio, video etc.) so that they may be downloaded upon import. Secondly, the JSON files are then imported/merged with the target Jamroom site using the Importer module.

    The intermediary JSON files are 'transportable' meaning that if necessary they can be prepared or customised off-site then brought in ready for import, thereby providing maximum flexibility for moving content between Jamroom and other CMS sites.

    This document provides full instructions on using this framework and the currently available plugins, so should be useful to all. It also provides full details of the intermediary JSON file format so that advanced users can prepare customised content for import, such as preparing email lists for import as profile/user pairs, or a database dump from a CMS not as yet covered by one of the plugins.

    * Via plugins. See below