Concepts the Admin user needs to know

  • Concepts in Jamroom

    In this guide we take a look at some of the concepts in Jamroom that are important for a new Jamroom Master Admin to know. Understanding these concepts will make the daily running and administration of your Jamroom site easier.

    - What a Profile is.
    - What a User is.
    - What a Quota is.
  • youtube
    screencast that looks at the concepts in Jamroom
  • The video talks about 'Top Page' but really its the Top Level because you can have as many pages at that level as you like. Take a look at the Media Pro Demo, it has a TON of Top Level pages showing off what users have on their profiles.
  • Diagram Image

    The 'Top Level' is where the skin shows off the content that your users have uploaded to their profiles.

    What is displayed on this level will be at the mercy of the skin designer and the admin user.

    This level can include as many pages as needed to show off the users stuff.
  • The Site Builder system works on the 'top level' of your site and is used to pull content from your profiles in ways that are desirable for the admin user .
  • Take a look at the demos to see some of the possibilities for top sections:
  • A diagram of how users interact with the profiles and the profiles interact with the Top Section.
  • Quotas

    Usually users will only be associated with a single profile, but it is possible for the admin user to connect a user with multiple profiles.

    All profiles are controlled by what quota they are in. A profile can only ever be in one quota. The admin user can change which quota that profile is in, but it can never be in 2 quotas at the same time.

    EG: The admin user might want to change a profile from one quota to another quota when a subscription fee is paid.
  • a diagram showing profiles relationship to quotas.
  • Quotas control what resources are available to the profile. In the diagram above there are 2 quotas pictured, "Standard Members" and "Special Members"

    NOTE: You can call the quotas whatever you want and have as many as you need.

    Profiles in the "Standard Members" quota might have access to these modules:
    * a Blog
    * Upload Images

    While Profiles in the "Special Members" quota might have access to these modules:
    * a Blog
    * Upload Images
    * a Forum
    * Sell Items
    * .....

  • Quota options

    To give a profile access to a module, you do that from the QUOTA CONFIG tab of that module.

    In the screenshot below we are looking at the "Standard Members" settings for the Audio module.
  • screenshot for the QUOTA CONFIG tab of the Audio module while the "example quota" quota is selected
  • When the "Allowed On Profile" checkbox is checked, Profiles in that quota will see the tab on their profile and will be able to upload new stuff to that section.
    Changing the selection box at the top of the form to a different Quota will allow you to update the options for the other quotas.
  • screenshot of the Audio tab showing on a profile because its enabled in the Quota Config