What is a Profile?

  • The USER is the person, the PROFILE is where they put their stuff. One USER can have a number of profiles. The QUOTA is attached to the profile to define what MODULES are active there. Each QUOTA is a set of active MODULES.
  • Overview

    A Profile is a section of the community that is curated by a user or a group of users.

    When a new user signs up to the site they get a User account and also their own unique Profile.

    The Profile is where they upload all of their stuff.

    This is what the sections of a profile look like.

    The Profiles name and the Users name initially start as the same thing, but either can be changed.
  • screenshot of the sections of a profile with annotations
  • Quotas define the visible modules

    You can see in the image above that there are modules available on the profile for the profile owner to click.

    In the screenshot above they are:
    TIMELINE | AUDIO | BLOG | EVENT ..........

    Those are available on this profile because the admin user has 'allowed' them in the quota that this profile belongs to.
  • screenshot of the setting location in the ACP to allow the audio module on the 'signup quota'
  • Profiles are one of the Concepts the Admin user Needs to Know
  • Creating a Profile in the ACP

    Creating a Profile in the ACP
    As a Master Admin you can create a new Profile by doing the following:

    1) Click on "ACP" in the site menu to access the Admin Control Panel
    2) Click on the "Profiles" category in the modules menu
    3) Click on the "Profiles" module
    4) Click the "Tools" tab
    5) Click the "Create New Profile" button

    This will allow you to create a new "stand alone" profile (that has no User Account attached to it).
  • Creating a new profile from an existing profile page

    Creating a new profile from an existing profile page
    A Profile Admin can also create a new profile by clicking on the "+" button available in the header of existing profiles.

    A new User Account will NOT be created, but can later be created and linked to the profile if needed.