• Overview

    The Dashboard is a location that is visible to both 'master admin' level users and 'profile admin' level users.
    The Dashboard is not accessible to normal users.

    It displays metrics on how the site is performing.

    There is nothing you really need to do here, its just a place that shows you numbers about your site.
  • screenshot of the dashboard viewed by a profile admin user
  • Master admin's and Profile admins can come to the dashboard to see the metrics on how the system is performing.

    Profile admins are also able to visit the other tabs to perform actions such as:
    * Approving pending users
    * Approving pending items
    * Checking the stats on who is online and banning or kicking them if required
    * Checking the activity log for whats been happening on the system

    Only Master admins have the ability to customize the dashboard by adding new panels to it to display other information.
  • screenshot of extra panels added to the dashboard by the master admin level user